• No Alcohol, 

  • No Drugs

  • No Smoking, (including all E-devices)

  • No Firearms

  • No outside food or drink allowed in facility

  • ABSOLUTELY NO food inside Dome

  • ABSOLUTELY NO gum or candy inside Dome.

  • No Metal studded cleats.

  • Do not use Vehicle Air-lock garage doors

  • Only use Emergency Exits in case of an Emergency (these doors should not be opened at any other time)

  • No spitting on turf.

  • No foul language.

  • No ball games to be played in lobby/cafe.

  • Viewing at own risk

  • No Pets on facility property

  • Full Size Goals are not to be moved

  • Respect the goals, lift with caution and with supervision

  • No one is allowed to use the fitness room or small sided training area unless given permission by staff

To learn more about our facility, events and family activities, check out the various sections and pages on our site. For more detailed information or rates on facility rental for your party or large group, get in touch with our staff at 585-352-5300.

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