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9 v 9 Tournament of Champions (1 day).  This tournament will be played on our regulations 9 v 9 fields inside Glacier Ridge Sports Park.  There will be 4 tournament days featuring one age group per day.  Only 4 teams per age group and gender per day.  Each team will play - 3 (50 minute games) with an 1 hour break in between.  This 1 day tournament will be filled very quickly as we will only accept 4 teams each.  Roster sizes should be approximately 14 players and you must have a valid NYSWYSA roster to participate in this event.

* There will not be spectators allowed, due to the entire facility being used for play.

WHEN:  December 26th, 27th, 28th, & 29th, 2023

  • Tuesday, December 26th - 2013 Boys and Girls (4 team per gender)
  • Wednesday, December 27th - 2012 Boys and Girls (4 teams per gender)
  • Thursday, December 28th - 2011 Boys and Girls (4 teams per gender)
  • Friday, December 29th - 2010 Boys and Girls (4 teams per gender)

WHERE:  Glacier Ridge Sports Park

TIME: 4 pm to 10 pm each day

GAMES:  Every team will play 3 games in a group of 4.  Each game will be 50 minutes in length and split into 2 - (25 minute halves).  Every win earns 3 points, ties earn 1 point and loss earns 0 points.  If there is a tie then it will be resolved by tiebreakers (head to head, least goals, most goals)

COST:  $445 per team which includes $15 per team/per game for referee expenses


If you have questions please contact Doug at

Cancellation before tournament:

Cancellations that occur before the start date, will receive an account credit towards another Glacier Ridge Event.  There are no refunds for any reason.  We will then fill the slot with another team to make the tournament a success.